Statistics on traffic accidents show that the roads can be dangerous indeed. The number of cars on the road at any given hour is enormous. Even if there were no drunk drivers, everyone abided by the speed limit and exercised care while driving, there would still be accidents. Most people try to drive responsibly. The trouble is that most drivers do not have experience in handling situations in an emergency. Driver training doesn’t prepare you for that car out of control on the ice dead ahead. The normal driver’s training program only provides instruction on normal driving and the rules of the road. Lately, some states and counties have set aside land for intensive driving courses. These courses should be the wave of the future. Let’s take a look at some reasons.

Intensive driving courses are set up as mock roadways, where an instructor can simulate a dangerous real-life situation. Because the course is not on the roadways, pylons can be set up so the student must negotiate an erratic series of moves that mimics a potentially deadly situation the student may sometimes face when on the highway. The intensive driving course allows for mistakes. No one is hurt if the student doesn’t get it right the first time.

Let’s say you’re driving down the highway when a deer suddenly leaps in front of your car. Do you know what to do? Do you take evasive action? What if there’s another car in the oncoming lane? A normal driving program cannot adequately prepare you for such an emergency. Intensive driving courses can.

Bad weather can prompt a number of situations where you don’t have time to think about what you should do. Do you know what to do if you hit ice on a bridge overpass and start to skid? What if you suddenly encounter a low-lying area of roadway that’s flooded and your car starts to hydroplane? Intensive driving courses can prepare you to deal with these emergencies so that you can act quickly and skillfully. This type of training can save your life.

Intensive driving courses are highly recommended for young people just getting their driver’s license for the first time. Most insurance companies recognize that drivers who complete such a program are far better prepared than a driver who only completes the normal school driver’s training program. The intensive programs provide you with experience in a safe setting that makes you ready to deal with a real-life dangerous highway emergency. This makes you a better risk and you’ll enjoy a more favorable insurance rate.

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