Scouting for price-cuts is a smart habit. And buying used cars is no exception.

No wonder why many people are enticed to buy used cars. In fact, statistics show that the number of people who buy used cars is three times more than the number of people who buy new cars.

But then again, not all used cars are maintained equally by their previous owners. Hence, it is important for those who wish to purchase used cars to consider the different factors that might affect the performance and the condition of the car.

Here is a list of some tips that will help buyers in choosing their used cars.

1. Safety features should not be taken for granted.

Being old is not an excuse to justify the used cars lack of safety features. Every car, whether old or new should have safety features in order to prevent some possible accidents while driving.

Every used car should still have its anti-lock brakes working properly and airbags that are still intact (for cars made after this requirement).

2. The mileage is important

This is because the amount of mileage reflects the way the car has been used by the previous owner. Moreover, the mileage will denote the used car’s age.

Normally, an average driver will drive 12, 000 to 15, 000 miles in a year. In this way, the buyer will be able to estimate how old the car is.

3. Over-all check-up is important

Before buying the car, the buyer should first conduct an over-all check-up on the condition of the car, from its exterior parts up to the very detail of its interior portion.

Being old does not mean any signs of wear and tear will be excused. Hence, people should be aware of what they are paying for.

4. Test drive

There is no better way to know the condition of the car until it has been test-driven. Hence, a buyer should make all the effort to do a test drive first before he or she jumps to a conclusion.

5. If possible, the overall service history of the car should be checked.

This will provide the buyer solid information regarding the true condition of the car. Here, the buyer can detect if the car has so many technical problems before, if it has been in an accident already, or if the owner was good enough to provide the proper maintenance for the car.

Knowing these things is extremely important to avoid possible risks in the future.

Boiled down, inspection is important especially if the transaction concerns money. Cheap is no substitute for being a smart buyer.

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